Disney Bounding :: The Princesses

Just in case you were like me up until a few months ago and you didn’t know what Disney bounding was, then let me enlighten you…

Disney bounding or being DisneyBound is the absolute art of using a Disney character to inspire your outfit choice. Essentially dressing like a Disney character without actually dressing like a character, using normal clothes and just being feckin awesome.

I may have taken poetic license on that description and have to say I give absolutely zero fucks. Seriously, bring me all the Disney bounding because it’s amaze. I first heard about it via Emma Conway of Brummy mummy of 2 fame and then fell into the trap of searching through Instagram “Disney bounding”… @thedisneybound got me like… YASSS.

Anyway, we are going back to Disneyworld in November and I happened to mention Disney bounding to the kids (who have NO IDEA that we are going on holiday by the way so SHH) who near lost their damn minds. Well, Toby did. Edith and Reuben didn’t give a shit but they WILL join in. I asked them who they would like to Disneybound with and they did all have a different idea – but it was Toby that was really into it. I also asked Instagram if they would like to see a post about Disney bounding and they had a resounding yes with a tonne of you over there so here we are. There were so many suggestions I decided to split into three posts: Disney Princesses, Disney Villains and Disney Characters.

I figured since it was the princesses that had the most love I would start off that!

Disney Bounding :: Disney Princesses

I have listed them in absolutely no particular order and then taken the deets of the outfits to pop underneath. Don’t want the outfits specifically – feel free to crack on with poetic license and use your very own outfits with this as a touch of ins-to-the-po.

Disney Bound Ariel


There are so many ways to do Ariel but I am LOVING this skirt from Next (it’s something I would wear as a normal outfit so I’m not buying something I wouldn’t wear anyway!) and Etsy has become the new BEST PLACE EVER for Disney stuff with the shoes, ears AND tee. Yasss Queen.

Mermaid top from Space Rags

Green Skirt from Next

Mermaid shoes from Rock your sole

Mermaid ears from Made for Mouse

Glitter rainbow bracelets from Claire’s accessories

Disney Bound Snow White

Never really been a Snow white fan, but I love her outfit stylings! I mean, look at that bow and those trousers I VERY nearly bought in M&S last week. I do have the scalloped vest from H&M in pink too!

Knitted cardigan from Primark

Scalloped red vest from H&M

Yellow frill pocket cotton blend trousers from Marks and Spencer

Apple Tart shoes from Rocket dog

Snow white hair bow by Lewis Leigh

Disney Bound Jasmine

Edith’s fave Princess – surprisingly not so easy to do, Turquoise is NOT as easy to get hold of as it should be. Pfftt. Loving the nod to Genie in the old ears too.

Bracelets from Claires

Earrings from River Island

Trousers from Ebay 

Top from H&M

Shoes by Fuchsia Shoes

Ears by Made for Mouse

Disney Bound Sleeping Beauty (Aurora)

Aurora is actually Reuben’s fave princess. I have no idea why, we aren’t especially keen on the film and yet as soon as he saw her at Disneyworld, he swooned. Literally. He would throw himself at her and just hug her to the point where you had to admire her professionalism for not telling him to do one. It was ever so sweet!

Pink dress from Zara

Sleep beauty ears from Lindsey Land Co

Tired tote bag

Gold converse trainers

Disney Bound Merida

Merida is a feisty one and not to be overlooked. I really like her Autumnal colours, I mean I like this outfit as a normal outfit, never mind a Disney bound one! You could throw in some tartan if you wanted, perhaps something purple too but I really like this look!

Loafers from New Look

Navy tights from Asda

Orange cardigan from Asda

Head band from Primark

Skater dress from River Island

Disney Bound Rapunzel

Edith’s first fave Princess (she’s fickle af) – I adore Rapunzel too. LIVING for those ears though, and the Next sandals need to get in my bag, they really do. I mean, HELLO!

Sun dangle earrings from Lilyfield Creations Co

Sandals from Next

Lilac soft touch jeans from Next

Lilac ruffle sleeve top from Next

Rapunzel necklace from Clarkes Geeks Boutique

Pascal ears from Hannah Marie Magic

Disney Bound Cinderella

Ok, I have this thing with Ears. I’m not sorry. I need a pair of these, in fact I think I might need a pair of every ear I’ve shared. Cinderella is super easy to recreate, she’s iconic, she just has a really simple and lush look.

Lucifer ears from Mouseketears Bows

Dress from H&M

Jelly boot from Juju footwear

Choker from Claires

Disney Bound Tiana

I love Tiana, she was legit one of my faves at Disney World and I love her style. Can we all take a moment to talk about how glorious those shoes are? I may or may not have bought a pair. No regrets.

Sandals from Accessorize

Necklace from Claire’s

Ears from HappilyEARverafter

Dress from Next

Disney Bound Belle

Well… Belle was always the Princess that I wanted to be as a child because she was the only one that wasn’t blond! I love that Belle is all yellows, golds and reds, it is the most summery (or bizarrely Xmas) vibe and oh so fun!

Dress from Next

Ears from Made for Mouse

Yellow Vans from Schuh

Mrs Potts bag from Disney Store


So those are my first Disney bound suggestions! I have plans for more, there were SO many ideas that I will have to try and split the posts up. Which is your fave?

H 🙂


  1. Avatar
    July 31, 2019 / 5:57 pm

    WHO in seven hells is the first princess??? and wheres my girl kida. always missing the queen.

    • Harriet August 1, 2019 / 9:45 am

      I completely forget about Kida every time!

  2. Avatar
    Stephanie Coals
    September 25, 2018 / 5:12 pm

    Wow, you learn something new everyday! My favourite has to be Jasmine, those shoes are amazing

  3. Avatar
    Chloe Taylor
    September 25, 2018 / 2:33 pm

    Such a great idea! I love the Tiana style.

  4. Avatar August 14, 2018 / 8:17 pm

    Wow, you learn something new everyday. I will have to get the family doing this. I already joke we are the incredibles so I think this is where we have to start.

  5. Avatar July 10, 2018 / 8:14 am

    You have no idea how happy those Jasmin pants have made me! Adding another one to my list now ? is Disney bounding EVERY day of your holiday acceptable??? Xx

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