Darling crochet sandals from Jo Huntley Designs

Darling crochet sandals from Jo Huntley Designs via Toby & Roo :: daily inspiration for stylish parents and their kids.

I just can’t get over how sweet Edith’s crochet sandals are. And her feet, her feet are just squishy.

Before I had Edith I always thought that baby shoes really were a waste of time. Let’s be honest, they can’t walk, they have socks or tights on to keep warm, so what is the point? Anyway, that is how I felt B.E (before Edith). I’m now a convert. Edie has already been gifted around 7 pairs on shoes, and I love them! My favourite pair for this new warmer weather are these adorable handmade crochet sandals from Jo Huntley Designs.

My Mother in Law bought these for Edie when she was on holiday in New Zealand and I was so thrilled when I saw them. They were hand crocheted by Jo, who makes a gorgeous range of crocheted goods for babies and children. If you would love some of these sandals but can’t crochet you can visit Jo’s Facebook page to get in touch with her, however, if you are a super skilled mama (which I confess I am not!) then you can find a tonne of crochet tutorials on Pinterest.

Harriet x

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