Christmas Gift Guides 2015 :: Play sets & figures for imaginative kids

Best play sets & figures for 2015 via Toby & Roo :: daily inspiration for stylish parents and their kids.

Play sets and figurines get us all don’t they? With a good play set you can open up a whole new world and a few figures can set your imagination into flight. The boys love figures, especially Schleich animals and dinosaurs, and they love setting them out on the farm, zoo or train tracks.

I’ve put together my favourite playsets and figurines for this Christmas gift guide!

Barbarossa Pirate Ship with figures by Le Toy Van £45.00

Great for playing pirates on the open seas, plus its solid wood so a gift that can be passed down from generation to generation.

Mouse House with mice (sold separately) by Maileg £69.50

Ok, I’ll admit this isn’t as much bang for your buck as other toys sets but this is super duper cute. The mice are sold separately but are truly adorable and this little house makes a perfect room decoration as well as a great toy.

Custom Family of 5 peg dolls by Goose Grease Peg Dolls $210.00

Adore this idea – a play set modelled on your own family – you can add on extra children, adults or animals and the company will design and paint the peg dolls to your exact instructions. A wonderful holiday gift for a little one who loves to play with figures.

Wooden Automobile Box Set by Tiger Tribe $59.95

I wrote about these sets ages ago on the blog and I still think they are one of the best toys I have written about. They are just so much fun, easy to take with you and made from solid wood.

My Wooden Chalet Construction game by Jeujura £54.27

This is wonderful – like jenga met lego and thought, let’s make an awesome play set. The idea is that you build the play set using the wooden bricks and then you have a beautiful wooden toy to enjoy. I think this is a truly special gift and there are so many different types – a fort, a farm, a hospital and a forestation to name a few.

Everyday Heroes play set by KidKraft £130.00

Now this set I can personally vouch for – we have one upstairs that we bought on a whim last year for the boys to play with using their cars and many (MANY) fire engines and bits. It was a wonderful investment and I’m so pleased we bought it – they love it. The details are brilliant, the furniture and everything comes with it so its a one stop shop. Great set.

The Master at Arms Castle by Papo £98.00

I love knights and castles and all that jazz – sadly it isn’t something that has captured the boy’s hearts… yet. This is one of my favourite castles, the detail is wonderful which is something you would expect from a brand like Papo.

Barn with Silo by Playmobil £99.99

I do love playmobil – I know it’s not very niche and I know that it is highstreet but it has to make it into the same ‘highstreet’ category as Lego and Sylvanians… bloody brilliant. Hours of fun this set is pretty much a complete farm ‘work’ package and if you had a really obsessive farm lover you could add the country house too.

CHIMA Crocodile Tribe pack by Lego £7.99

The boys adore Lego and it’s something that I’m only too happy to encourage as I think it is wonderful for their imagination and building co-ordination. We’ve got them a few things but Roo has started asking that we ‘kraggle’ (glue for those of you that haven’t seen the movie…) his ‘sets’ and then get some extra plain lego to build… we’re debating it at the moment so this year he will mainly be getting figures like these CHIMA tribe packs.

Beechwood Hall by Sylvannian Families £87.99

I had tonnes of Sylvannians as a child and sadly I sold them on for some extra cash before our wedding and honeymoon. This is the pinnacle of Sylvannian sets – it’s so gorgeous, lights up and is the perfect addition to a Sylvannian lovers collection!

Harriet x

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