Christmas gift guides 2015 :: Gifts for babies under 1

2015 gift guides :: Gifts for babies under 1 year old via Toby & Roo :: daily inspiration for stylish parents and their kids.

I’m always a bit dubious about gifts for babies under 1, let’s be honest they don’t know what is happening and they are usually completely unaware of the celebrations or the concept of a gift. When I had Toby he was only 1 month old at Christmas, yet still he was given tonnes of things by friends and family who “didn’t want to leave him out”  which inevitably meant a January spent trying to figure out what to do with a load of stuff that wasn’t wanted or needed. That’s not to sound ungrateful, I love that people think of our children, but there really are only so many cuddly toys or noisy plastic obscenities you can have in your home. With Edie being almost one this year I just know that she is going to get some bits and bobs, and we will be buying her a few little things too – purely in line with the ‘Christmas spirit’ and because, well, we want to.

Here is my 2015 gift list for Babies under one year old:

Highchair insert from LAB €40.50 – Not only is this a really practical gift because it will last until your child doesn’t need a highchair anymore but it is really pretty too.

Vouchers for Water Babies swim classes £10+ – We have been practicing baby swimming with Water Babies for nearly 5 years now, all of my children are wonderfully confident swimmers and it is the one activity that has been a constant in our lives. Water Babies now do vouchers for their classes and I honestly think it is one of the most practical, wonderful gifts you could give for Christmas.

Fan Fan le Fawn by Sophie la Girafe £13.00 – Forget Sophie le Girafe, I’m talking Fan Fan le Fawn this year. Made from exactly the same material, Fan Fan is super cute and absolutely adorable – the ultimate accessory for a teething tot, and what better gift can you give than a teething remedy?

Mini Disney Tsum Tsums by Disney £3.00 – I’ve written about these here, and I still love them just as much. Each Tsum Tsum is small enough for Edith to hold in her hands and soft enough for her to snuggle once she has finished shoving it into her mouth to chew to help her with her teeth.

Adorable animal soft toys by Hazel Village $29.00 – Edith has a Flora Fox and she loves her! These make such wonderful gifts for babies, especially if you are looking for something unique that will become a soother for your child or that special teddy that goes EVERYWHERE with them. If you are looking for an heirloom gift for a special baby then you can always have a bespoke soft toy made to your chosen design.

Soft sensory balls by Rubbabu balls £6.99 – Edith loves balls at the moment, and although these aren’t a new innovation by any means (in fact I think they may have made 2014’s list!) I just think they are one of the best presents for a small baby. The balls are all designed to stimulate baby but once they are older they will be able to throw them about, kick them and just treat them like a normal ball!

Gift vouchers for those first shoes £ various – buying those first shoes is a special time, I wouldn’t want to take that away from a Mama, but the first “proper” shoes are usually expensive so gift vouchers towards them is practical and often appreciated. Ask the parents where they usually go for shoes and grab a voucher for them. (the shoes pictured are from The Little Shoemaker – aren’t they sweet?!)

Pantone: Box of colour 6 Mini board books by Scout & Co £6.99 – You can never have too many board books or books in general, they are perfect for little hands to learn and discover books, great for teething and they even grow with your children as they develop the ability to say the words and read.

So there you have it, my top gifts for babies under 1, you can gift your baby or ask for these things from family without ending up with piles of junk toys that are headed to the charity shop in January!

Harriet x



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