Christmas Gift Guide :: Gifts for crafty kids 2015

Christmas gift guides 2015 :: best gifts for little crafters via Toby & Roo :: daily inspiration for stylish parents and their kids.

As I mentioned before, I’m not really big on the whole ‘boys gifts’ or ‘gifts for girls’ – that’s not to say I have an issue with princess link stuff or anything, in fact I’ve started buying it for Edith, it’s just that I know Toby will swipe half of it the first chance he gets because that boy loves pink and can rock heels and a tutu better than most. Anyway, I digress (ahem, what’s new?!) so I’ve made my lastest gift guide a guide to gifts for crafty children, because I think boys, girls and adults all like crafting, cooking, and making. Here are my top gifts for little crafters this year:

Paper set from Pukaca

Felted soap kit by Wool N Feather Farm

Gorgeous sticker book by  Djeco

Sewing kit by Moulin Roty

Flower press by the Little Blue Owl

Bug eating plant by Beecycle

Magic bean set from Beecycle

Lip balm set by Sweet Cecilys

Make your own castle by Nubie Boutique

Kizmo Headchefs from The Little Cook Company

DIY electro dough kit by Technology Will Save Us

Make your own wind up dinosaur from The Contemporary House

Electronic lab kit by Minty Geek

Build your own clock set by Planet Apple

And that’s it!! So many wonderful gifts for creative minds, the ultimate fun for your crafter this Christmas, I’m definitely going to be ordering the electro dough kit for Reuben and the wind up dinosaur to make with Toby.

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