Christmas Decorating with magical Disney touches.

In case I hadn’t mentioned it, we’re on our way to Disneyworld on Monday (well, we fly Tuesday) and I’ve managed to keep it entirely secret from the children so far.

I don’t want to leave the house before we have decorated because I honestly think it would be awful to come home from Disney, all magically decorated and fine that it is barren at home, and I can’t very well ask the people who are coming to look after the animals and the house to decorate for us can I?!

So we have decorated early this year, but it’s not just enough to have decorated early, I wanted to include some special touches for two reasons: one, as I said, the children have no idea about the holiday, so I have enlisted the help of the Mickey and Minnie Mouse teddies my husband bought me (okayyy, maybe they were orginally meant for the kids, who can really say what he was thinking when he bought them) and I’ve been creating little disney based scenes. Th other reason is that this is such a special trip and SO much effort has gone into making this magical for the children and really surprising them that I wanted to keep some of the magic going for when we come back.

Here are our magical Disney touches:

Disney Christmas Pjs!

These can’t be beaten, can they? Especially when it means that all three children are going to be matchy matchy|! I love the fact that these are embroidered and they make the perfect run up to Christmas pjs, or even something for their Christmas eve box if that is your jam! You can find these in Shop Disney and they are currently on offer for under £10!

Decorations for each child

Years ago I was never a fan of Disney tree decorations, I thought that they were cute but just not for me. Then I went and had kids and my love for Disney grew and grew. I LOVE seeing them so excited and Disney have really upped their game when it comes to their decorations, all three of the children have charged upstairs to their rooms to put their decorations on their trees and then we have one that is on the main tree downstairs.

When we were in Disneyworld two years ago, our beloved Siamese cat Mushu passed away. It was quite the shock for everyone – not least of all my friend who was looking after them and came over one evening to find her just gone. We still don’t know what caused it, we left her fine and she was fine the day before, but in order to remember her Toby chose to have a Mulan shoe decoration for his tree that has a Mushu on the heel. It’s always pride of place and we love it.

Edith has recently been allowed to have her own tree too, and of course she chose pink so she has now placed her Princess Ariel decoration on her tree in pride of place.

As for the boys, they have a talk Darth Vader and Buzz lightyear both of which they absolutely adore and thay have a pride of place.

Christmas stockings and sacks

If there is one thing I love, it’s Christmas stockings and fillers. There is something so fun about all the little, silly stocking fillers that you can fill it with, the delicious treats and the smaller toys. It’s just something that is such fun, and it adds to the décor as well I think. I ADORE the kid’s Xmas stockings from Shop Disney, they are super cute and just look at them nestled under that tree!

Mickey and Minnie Christmas edition teddies

Honestly don’t think you can beat the Mickey and Minnie festive teddies. The ones that we have are the 2017 ones and I strongly suspect there will be others venturing home with us. They aren’t overpowering amongst the other decorations and they are just right for snuggling. Not only that, they can go on beds, in cars, under trees and on the sofa – perfecto!

Do your family have any special decorations from Disney?

H 🙂

Some of these items were gifted to us by Shop Disney UK.

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  1. Avatar December 9, 2018 / 9:29 am

    Love it all! We’ve started a tradition where the girls are allowed to choose a new Christmas bauble every year. We haven’t got anything Disney yet but that’s mainly because we haven’t taken them anywhere that sells Disney stuff! If only we had a Disney store nearby.

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