Christmas decor using Valo stationary

If you are anything like me, you’re probably a bit of a magpie when it comes to pretty Christmas decor – things like delicate Christmas decorations, pretty gift wrap and gift tags and table decor to die for. Swoon.

Unfortunately I don’t really get much chance to enjoy these things with three little ones who are ready to flick mash potato on the place settings (risking starting a “what kind of potato with Christmas dinner?” debate there – FYI we are greedy and as everyone says different, we have both mash and roasts. Piglets). Anyhoo, this year, I’m combining all of my loves: pretty wrapping paper for the grown ups, beautiful gift tags for hampers and I’m going to use these for some funky table decorations too.

Here are my ideas for reusing beautiful stationary, like this from Valo Stationary (featured in my gift guide!):

  • Place mats – simply cut the wrapping paper in half, or perhaps quarters if you have a large table with lots of seats, then stick down with blue tack OR you could laminate and use again and again!

  • Gift tags as name tags on wine glasses – I love these gift tags, but how cute do they look on the end of this wine glass? Super cute, that’s how cute.
  • Menus on the back of unused Christmas cards – take your favourite Christmas card and print off a menu, stick on the clear back of the card and place one on the table or on each plate – perfect for parties!

  • Gift tag decorations – why waste them or give them away when they are so pretty! Simple, easy and totally effective.

  • Confetti using cutters and left over paper – those annoying scraps of paper are no more! I always find I have pieces of paper that are just too small to wrap even the tiniest gift, so these are perfect for making confetti – hole punch, shape cutter… done.

What else can you think of?

H x

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  1. Avatar December 19, 2016 / 4:58 am

    Aw so cute. You are so creative enough in doing these Christmas decorations. In just simple ways, you can create such sweet and attractive designs for Christmas. This is a good idea of creating Christmas decors for the Kids Christmas Party. Thanks for sharing your creative skills here.

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