Baking soda baths for sore Bottoms

My normally happy little boy has been so sad!

My normally happy little boy has been so sad!

Yesterday was one of those really challenging days as a parent for me.

For the last few days Toby has been suffering with a very upset tummy, and as a result has had an increasingly sore bottom, that came to a head yesterday afternoon when he decided he was in so much pain he was going to scream and scream from 3pm until he eventually dropped off at 6.10pm.

At first I couldn’t understand and as most parents would I panicked and called the non-emerency medical service line, who advised me if he didn’t calm down with Calpol within 30 minutes I needed to call an ambulance! Pretty scary, although I was lucky enough that held in a particular position he did calm down. He would suddenly burst into tears and start writhing around, which was distressing for everyone, however he eventually he pooped and when I took off his nappy and saw his tush, I couldn’t blame him it was enough to make anyone scream!

I had previously had  problems with Reuben having mild nappy rash (although nothing on this scale) and my mother who used to be a midwife gave me a great tip to help relieve the symptoms of nappy rash or sore bottoms from diarrhoea, baking soda in the bath.

It works a treat as baking soda is known to neutralise acidity, and warm baths are also a great way to relieve symptoms of stomach gripe, so we ended up having 3 baths in that 3 hour period!

So add one teaspoon of baking soda to a warm shallow bath and allow baby to soak. If they are anything like Toby yesterday then you may wish to get in the bath with them as I physically could not put him down!

I hope this helps any Mamas out their who are struggling with this common issue, its not fun for anyone!

Harriet x

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