Back to school we go but not for you, you’re too individual!

Back to school but not for you, you're too individual via Toby & Roo :: daily inspiration for stylish parents and their kids.

It’s back to school in my area and I have to say I have seen several posts over the last few weeks in the parenting groups on Facebook about a return to school and issues with uniform.

Firstly, let me get this straight, I whole-heartedly support uniform. Children need to go to school in a uniform, in my opinion, because it identifies their school, gives children an understanding (or beginning of one) of what is expected in society with regards to a suitable attire for professional situations, makes everyone look the same and helps to avoid that child who doesn’t have the coolest designer jeans or other such fashion being bullied. So as far as uniforms go, I am largely in support of them. I also believe that all children should go to school in shoes, not trainers, but smart shoes. Trainers are bad for children’s feet when over worn, as are canvas shoes etc.

What I don’t agree with, what riles me up big time, is the indoctrination of a utilitarian lack of individualism. It riles me up enough to use big words (and italics). Oh yes.

I’ve seen posts about children actually being ‘excluded’ because of hair cuts, or warned they will be sent home if they have patterned socks on. I just don’t understand it at all. To disrupt a child’s education for a hair cut is totally nonsensical to me. What on earth is the issue? How does this detract from other’s educational rights, or the child’s in question – the last time I checked having a grade 1 haircut doesn’t shave off a layer of intelligence or suddenly make you a member of the crips.

Maybe it’s just me, but I can’t get my head around a world where we teach children that any level of individualism is wrong. Individualism is so vital, or the world would be such a dull and uninspiring place. I also feel that by teaching children that there is something wrong with certain hair styles we are perpetuating a stereotypical believe about these types of people – ‘skinheads’, dreadlocks are for druggies and only girls can have long hair. Is that a world that you want your children to grow up in? It’s not an attitude that I feel comfortable being taught to my children, I want my children to be taught that, in this day and age, we can look beyond the physical appearance and see a person for their merits. I appreciate that this is to be within a certain amount of limits, we don’t want anything to detract from little Jimmy’s school work and great big eyelashes or potentially dangerous jewellery might, but socks?! Hair cuts? Hell no. I think in order to move away from stereotypes and out-dated ideals we need to help teach the next generation that you don’t have to look exactly like everyone else, working hard and being respectful is more important.

What are our thoughts on the matter? Do you think schools are right, or do you think this is a step in the wrong direction? I’d love to know!

H x

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