7 Disney Instagrammers you SHOULD follow.

If you’ve been a reader of the blog for a while then you will know that I’m a crazy Disney fan (more so if you follow me on Instagram because I luuuuurve disney!) Anyhoo, I have recently been finding Disney accounts that I just can’t help but adore and I think those of you that are Disney lovers will love them too. Here you go!

  1. The West Wing

I was introduced to Nick’s account a while ago because my friend Emma from Brummy Mummy of 2 adores him, like legit ADORES him and it’s so easy to see why. He is hilarious. Everything that he does has me in giggles, his Disneyland Paris parade lives on insta are just insanely funny and he will have you screaming “You better WERK!” right alongside with him.

I’m also a HUGE fan of how supportive he is of the Disney community around him, the small shops, the crafters and the wonderfully talented people who you maybe wouldn’t find without some of the sugar that he sprinkles on them. I adore “magic mail” where he unboxes disney mail that he’s either bought and had a friend send him (exclusive stuff from Disneyworld etc) or perhaps been gifted.

I love him and his account, it’s one to follow for sure… and it’s been a time since I ran upstairs and squealed at Adam when someone followed me on IG – including Kimberley Walsh (soz, Kimberley!) so ya know… the love is real.

2. Disneyland Mermaid

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“Surprise bitch.” ????

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I’ve become a little bit obsessed with Yvette from Disneyland Mermaid – Nick from The West Wing did a little shoutout on his stories about her #LatinxDisneyPrincess series and I’ve been hooked and double tapping the shizzle out of her pictures (not in the dodgy sense, dude, this is disney…) for weeks.

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Elena of Avalor ♥️ I had to save the best for last #LatinxDisneyPrincess I wanted to do a mashup with our first Latinx princess & the Mexican Revolution. When I originally came up with this project I didn’t expect it to be so well received. The comments are flooded with so many beautiful stories & empathy from my allies. It’s so important to engage in these narratives, so people can understand where we’re coming from. I’ll never forget my first day of kinder. I remember wearing my red Winnie the Pooh top & shorts from the sweatshop my mom worked at. My dad dropped me off & told me, “you’re a strong Mexican woman & don’t let anyone bully you.” I was 4 but he was right. Id get picked on because I talked with an accent & was in ESL. I’d get clocked for saying or doing “chunti” shit & hated that I wasn’t like the other kids at school. Then I’d go to family parties where I wasn’t Mexican enough. My cousins lived for novelas and would listen to Chalino & Chente. Then here I was listening to BackStreet Boys & the Spice Girls watching Disney movies. I just wanted to belong SOMEWHERE. I moved out of LA to Santa Barbara & got my BA in Chicanxs Studies. During that time I took Asian & Black Studies, Women & Queer Studies. I’m not an expert by any means but I feel like I decolonized my mind & my brain exploded with knowledge! Everything in my life finally made sense & I felt like I belonged. “Born to lead with fire in her soul. Grace in her heart this is her time.” #ElenaofAvalor

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The Latin x Disney Princess series was educational, inspired and frankly, one of the best things on my insta in months. I loved it. From explaining how she came to love Disney and why it was so special to her and her experiences of growing up Latin in America, not to mention the why she made you stop and challenge your own behaviour – gosh I just loved it all.

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La Bella y la Bestia Day 5 of my #LatinxDisneyPrincess series ? when I was in high school I was always getting into trouble and I never cared about my school work. It wasn’t until I went to the University that I loved to read and became a “nerd.” I learned to decolonize my mind and realized the importance of telling our history through the eyes of the oppressed. In grade school our history was told through the eyes of the victor and that’s how they keep people of color oppressed. We don’t get a sense of self worth because we don’t learn our true history. I wholeheartedly believe if Chicanxs, Blacks, & Asian Studies was required in grade school our demographics wouldn’t be so skewed. Why is it that Black and Brown people are the ones to occupy the most space and in the prison system and the ones that are the least visible at the University level? #beautyandthebeast #chicana #vivalaeducacion

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Did I mention that she has HELLA disney style? No? M’kay ‘cos she does.

3. Bishop, Please!

Just a couple of Disney obsessed newlyweds whose honeymoon I stalked shamelessly. Bishop, Please! is also a small biz that sells handmade cards, badges, pins, stickers and clothing and I love pretty much errthang they do.

Their enthusiasm for Disney is brilliant and I love the way they bounce off each other – if nothing else you should check out their shop because they really do have some wonderful gift ideas for Christmas. I have directed Adam to their shop for Xmas gifts – and it’s worth mentioning that they aren’t purely Disney in their content or shop there is Friends, gaming, mental health.

They are just a treat.

4. Disney Find

I’m not obsessed with Roisin’s account, you are. You know when you just wonder “Where could I get the perfect disney XYZ?” – well, yeah, Roisin would know. She would probably have posted about it and her account is more fun to shop than Shop Disney. Lots of her finds are Primark based because, erm, Primark is the heaven of all things Disney that aren’t Disney, but I genuinely love her finds and on more than one occasion I have stopped what I’m doing to rush through and buy stuff from Primark or even Shop Disney.

Both of those brands should be sponsoring the hell out of this woman as she would deserve it and be 100% genuine about everything she’s already been selling their stuff for ages. It’s not just the big dogs that Roisin shows you either, she supports a tonne of small brands and I love seeing her finds, I really do!

5. Dilfs_of_disneyland

Juuuuuuust to lower the tone a tiny touch, Imma put this here. If you don’t know what a DILF is, you will get the jist if you follow the account. Oh and you’re WELCOME.

6. Teeqco

I love this brand, perfect hand embroidered tshirts and postcards/pins that complement them perfectly – I just love it. 100% a small biz to support and if you are planning a disney trip you should check them out. I love that their clothes are unisex too, I’ve ordered one for Adam but I’m so tempted to get myself one of their sweaters!

7. Kerry Louise Norris Disney

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Here is my entry for the #ckukbrandrep hunt. There’s no denying that Disney makes me happy. It’s a part of my everyday life. Even when I’m in my scrubs in work you won’t find me in anything other than a Disney pair of socks and insisting on Disney being played on the radio. Disney style has certainly evolved and I love embracing it. I’m also an annual pass holder at Disneyland Paris and we have a trip to WDW next May. Disney means so much to us as a family that last year we renewed our wedding vows in WDW. Disney is truly magical. It makes all of your dreams come true. I think I’d make a magical rep who would certainly embrace the nostalgia you offer ?? #disneystyle #disneyfashion #disneylife #disneyuk #disneyblogger #disneystreetstyle #dressedindisney #spectrumcollections #forever21 #disneylove #ckukbrandrep #disneyjewellery #disneyfan #disneygirl #fbloggers #wiwt

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Kerry is a friend of mine and fellow Disney lover. She’s a season pass holder for Disneyland Paris and my go to for advice, along with Beth from Twinderelmo, these ladies are hugely helpful and just lovely.

Kerry is a huge disney fashion inspo too – I LOVE her disney bounding and she has a soft spot for Jasmine just like Edith so it’s a win win!

Those are my Disney faves in no particular order, these are the Disney accounts on Instagram that I recommend you follow NOW!

H x


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    Hi I reallt want to make my own disney page and get a big following ..have you any tips. Tia .. love a fellow disney lover xxx

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