6 Valentine’s day ideas for kids

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Look, I’m never usually one for the faffy commercialised holidays – or so I tell myself – but this year, I feel like I want to ram as much joy and call to celebrate into my life as possible, so what harm could a little bit of Valentine’s fun do? I’ve got ideas for what I can do with my husband, but I wanted to take V day further this year and think of some nice things I could do with/for the kids, nothing fancy, just something nice to tell them you love them in a different way.

Here are a few ideas for you if you’re fancying having a little celebration yourself with your kids.

  • Galentine’s mother and daughter/son dinner date – Edith and I get left to our own devices most Friday’s as Adam and Toby go off to football practice and Reuben goes to archery with his Grandparents, so we will be heading out for a mother daughter dinner and cinema date. We’re going to dress up in something pretty, enjoy some time together and use “Galentine’s day” as the reason.
  • Movie & “Valentine’s” themed sweets – bag of Haribo hearts, supermarket own Valetine’s day treats, the world really is your oyster with this one and it’s going to cost you a couple of quid.
  • Valentine’s day breakfast – Lidl have loads of funky heart shaped things like pancakes OR you could cut toast into heart shapes/make heart shaped pancakes. Sit down as a family or just with your kids and eat breakfast together.
  • Valentine’s craft together – there are a million and one crafts on Pinterest that you could do together, especially if you have teeny tiny ones that are just getting into sensory stuff.
  • Valentine’s baking together – if you’re like me and Edith and you like baking then this could be a good one for you! I love a bake sesh and there are so so many wonderful bakes online for Valentine’s day fun!
  • Valentine’s/Galentine’s day spa – Not one that I just do with Edith, Toby loves a good sheet face mask and a bath with his ipad!

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