6 Last minute ideas to make Father’s Day special


It’s Father’s day this weekend, because June just isn’t busy enough for us already with not just Adam’s birthday but also BOTH his parent’s birthdays! Manic!

Anyway, Father’s day isn’t something that we go mad for, we tend to keep it fairly low key, but that doesn’t mean that we aren’t here to celebrate the main man in our lives.

Adam is, without a shadow of doubt, the yin to my yang, and he’s really the father to our children that I wish I had growing up, he’s a top dad! The thing is, with being so busy all the time we have a tendency to be rather last minute about life – so I thought I could share some tips for those last minute Father’s day surprises that you can do! Whilst you’re looking for last minute ideas – don’t forget your last minute card. It doesn’t have to be a supermarket dash at 11pm on a Saturday night or a quick detour into the petrol station! Amazon have a wonderful range of Hallmark cards that will suit any need or budget, and with their next day delivery you can be as late as Friday (or in some places I think they offer Sunday deliveries now – but better to be safe than sorry!)

We chose a fantastic range of cards, and by we I really mean the children – Edith chose a Rapunzel card because she loves Rapunzel (and is it really about daddy today or her?), Toby chose a World’s Best dad trophy and Reuben chose an epic pop up trophy that he’s going to pop up and gift to daddy himself. There are so many to choose from so don’t forget to visit the Amazon Hallmark page here.

Anwyay, onwards to those largely free, last minute ideas for making Father’s day special.

  • Let him lie in!

I know, it’s almost like it doesn’t warrant a space but I guarantee as a knackered parent, it’s the one thing that he would probably appreciate most on Father’s day!Get crafty.

  • Get Crafty!

Yes, I know, I detest le craft too, but I don’t mean you have to go crazy – throw down some paper and ask you kids to draw daddy, or even what they think of when they think of daddy OR their fave things about daddy. If you have really wee ones, try using stickers instead (just hide them after!)

  • Breakfast in bed.

Kids like to get involved in things – usually things that look like they could be more difficult if the kids were involved. Like cooking. Anyway, I actually rather like cooking with the kids (I know, bizarre woman I am) and nothing beats a breakfast in bed on Father’s day – so why not get the kids in the kitchen and whip him up a late breakfast (emphasis on late) and serve it to him? If you don’t want to cook and your husband is anything like mine then a quick trip to his favourite breakfast venue (it’s McDonald’s for Adam…) and a take away will do nicely.

  • Printable colouring pictures

My kids love it when I print images for them to colour online and they are incredibly generous with gifting them around. Print off some dad printables and get them to colour them in whilst you have  coffee!

  • Get the kids to write a poem for him

Is it cheesy? Yes. Corny? Absolutely – which is pretty much why it’s perfect for dads. If not a poem them to tell him all the things that they love the most about him. I asked our kid’s and Toby said wrestling with daddy, playing pokemon and that he knows everything in the world about football. Sweet right? You get the gist – I think a lot of focus is put on tell mum how you feel about her on Mother’s day but then gets forgotten for Father’s day – so let’s make sure we tell dad how we really feel.

  • Cook him dinner or lunch

Another really easy one to do last minute and that keeps the kids out of the way for dad to get what he most likely really wants: a chance to chill out and do his own thing. You can all pop to the supermarket for ingredients and then cook him his fave meal – it does. Not. Have. To. Be. Fancyyyyy!

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  1. Avatar June 13, 2019 / 1:44 pm

    Was thinking what to buy for Father’s day this sunday then came across your post! Lovely read, and great that you reminded me you don’t need to buy a pressie to make the man happy! some caring gestures and a card will actually do the job! thanks for that!

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