2014 Christmas Gift Guide :: Stocking fillers galore!

I have to admit I find stocking fillers to be one of the most exciting things about Christmas. I really do! There is something about little gifts, knick knacks and things that are maybe just to put a smile on a family member’s face that excite me beyond belief. Both of my boys have huge stockings that I fill to the brim with chocolates, little gifts, useful things like socks and pants and even clementines! I have put together a list of stocking fillers for children to enjoy and delight in… I’ll let you do the fruit and chocolate for yourself!

Stocking fillers 2014 gift guide via Toby & Roo :: daily inspiration for stylish parents and their kids.

As before from left to right:

1. Farmyard Nail transfers from Worldwide Co £4.95

Last year I bought these for Roo and I plan to buy some more this year as he loved them! There are loads of different styles but this was the one we had and everyone (including all of his preschool teachers!) loved them – plus, they lasted forever!

2. Earring Tattoos from B*Ink’d from $4.00

These are such a great stocking filler for a young girl who doesn’t have her ears pierced… or even a young boy!

3. Djeco stickers from £3.00

Stickers, can you really ever go wrong with them? These are my favourite from Djeco, you can get pretty much anything, but they are all super stylish and perfect for adding to drawings to make a really old story!

4. Nanoblock figures from £8.00

Nanoblocks are the newest craze, forget lego! Tiny blocks that you fit together to make one awesome toy – perfect for little crafters.

5. Magical slate from Moulin Roty £3.00

What child doesn’t love to draw and watch the image magically wipe away. These are the most stylish from Moulin Roty.

6. Djeco Origami faces £8.00

I love origami, especially for little ones. It’s the perfect way to get chilled out and craft without having lots of mess.

7. Dragon hand transfers from Worldwide Co £4.95

We also had a version of this last year, Roo thought it was hilarious to put on my hand and pretend to have a monster hand… it was wonderful fun.

8. Sonny Angels Xmas figures from €8.95

The ultimate collectors item, a great little gift for any child who loves figures or loves to have these beautiful Sonny Angel figures on display.

9. MIBO Paper pop out animals £7.00

I have recently bought the Christmas version of these (not for a stocking filler, but as a build up to Christmas craft) and they are very easy for children to do, but sturdy enough to play with (gently) afterwards!

10. Magical dragon eggs from MuddyFeet £5.57

Add a touch of magic to your child’s stocking.

11. 32 ways to dress a … colour pad from Wee Gallery $4.95

For the creative kids who love to draw. The possibilities are limitless with these little drawing books.

12. Scribble Downs scratch transfers activity pad £2.99

Do you remember these as children? I don’t but my boy’s godmother and I recently bought a few from a Christmas fair because she remembered them and said how much fun she thought they were as a child. This is ideal for the boys because they are still in that ‘scribble’ stage, but they can create the best pictures here!

Harriet x

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