25 Christmas Eve box ideas for Adults because everyone deserves a bit of festive fun!

I know I get a little excited at Christmas (understatement alert) but I really like making the magic for everyone. That includes the grown ups, and in our house I started a tradition of Christmas Eve boxes for adults. I joked about it with Adam about 3 years ago but come Christmas I decided to follow through with my jokes, and I’m so pleased I did! It’s so fun, nothing is in there that I wouldn’t have already given to him, or that he wouldn’t have already indulged in at Christmas, so I didn’t really go crazy…

Anyway, here are 25 Christmas eve box ideas for those of you that want to make adult Christmas Eve boxes, they are such fun and well worth making for each other to encourage the festive mood 🙂

  1. New pjs or lounge wear
  2. A festive Christmas Jumper
  3. A CD or iTunes Voucher
  4. A pre-mixed alcoholic drink
  5. A personalised mug
  6. A hot chocolate sachet
  7. A personalised glass
  8. Miniature alcoholic drinks
  9. A cheese & biscuits selection
  10. Chocolate liqueurs
  11. Speciality chocolates
  12. A DVD
  13. Slipper socks
  14. Bath bombs
  15. Candles
  16. Body wash
  17. Kindle voucher
  18. New book
  19. Adult colouring book
  20. Lingerie or fun underwear for some mischief
  21. Kinky or cheeky ‘voucher’
  22. Sky Store (or similar) voucher
  23. Face mask
  24. Dinner invitation (you could either cook or order a special dinner as a surprise)
  25. Nail polish set

If you think along the lines of stocking fillers that will help the build up to the day then you are on the perfect track – we love having Camembert with bread, ham and chutney on Christmas Eve, with an alcoholic beverage or two, whilst curling up watching a movie. Perfect!

H x

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