16/03 Meal Plan

Oh hey! Well, last week was a bit dramatic wasn’t it? I have a feeling it is only going to get worse as time goes on and eventually I might even include a lunch plan on the meal plan because we will have the kids at home, but for now: it’s keep calm and carry on because dammit I’m British… also there really isn’t much else to do and it’s really taxing panicking for long periods of time.

So, last week’s meal plan went like this:

  • Monday :: Beef Stroganoff – I was treated to multiple “can we have more” with this one so it’s gone down in the meal hall of fame.
  • Tuesday :: Cottage pie – Always a winner and no one bemoaned the lentils. I don’t think they even noticed them… what a tricksy little bugger I am.
  • Wednesday :: Burrito bowl – It was LUSH. I was smug. The end.
  • Thursday :: Meatballs – the swedish sauce didn’t work out so I ended up just doing gravy.
  • Friday :: Take away
  • Saturday :: Birthday out (we ended up going for a takeaway again becasue, well, why go out when we don’t need to?
  • Sunday :: Chicken Enchiladas – Nope, opted not to do this and went for a more traditional sunday meal.

So a few adjustments but mostly on plan. Yay me!

Moving on to this week:

Monday :: Beef Massaman Curry

I still have a load of beef left over and my fave foodie blog has this lush recipe! I couldn’t get a Tesco delivery slot for Monday this week thanks to the self-isolation squad all doing orders so I am going to have to wait until Tuesday which means I will pop down to the shop and buy allllll the side dishes for this. Recipe is here on Kitchen Sanctuary.

Tuesday :: Steak & Mash

Definitely not my cup of tea and I will probably cook myself the above “steak” and mash, which is portabello mushroom, but I have been given a bundle of steaks and I know that Adam and the kids will really enjoy them. Who knows I might just be brave and give it a go! If you like the idea of “steak” and mash you can find the recipe here from Love through Plants.

Wednesday :: Chicken & Broccoli rice bake

This recipe from the cozy cook just looks drool worthy! I’m here for the cheesy, creamy goodness.

Thursday :: Cashew chicken with noodles

I’ve never tried the kids with cashew nuts before so I figured this would be something a little bit new, but still familiar enough that they might go for it. I’m going to serve up with noodles! Recipe is from Savoury Bites.

Friday :: Takeaway

Saturday :: Ravioli in a 5 min sauce

Oh hello easy Saturday! I’m loving the look of this sauce, it looks insanely easy, so with a premade ravioli it will be perfect! The recipe for the sauce is from Vikalinka.

Sunday :: Scalloped potato roll

This looks lush but alas there is no photo so if you want to see the recipe from Tasty you will need to click the link here!

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