You are Cordially Invited with Robinsons for Grown Ups!

When you think of squash, what do you think of?

Kid’s birthday parties and inevitable eye-twitch inducing spillages? Yep.

Oldie-worldie pubs where “designated driver” relegates you to the unfortunate position of choosing between orange and blackcurrant (and that’s only because they have blackcurrant in prep for lager and black)? Check.

Arguments with toddlers over which juice is which and why they can’t drink it neat? ABSOLUTELY.

What you don’t think of is an adult beverage that is both delicious, fresh and perfect for taking along to a road trip in summer, drinking in the garden if you don’t or can’t drink and even sprucing up for a fancy mocktail at a dinner party. No. You don’t think of those things, but in 2018 you’re going to and it’s all thanks to Robinsons!

In case you’ve missed it, Robinsons have launched two new ranges for grown-ups. Robinsons has listened to us grown-ups (as Toby calls us) and what we want from a non alcoholic drink (not too sweet, nice fruity taste etc) and created the two new offerings with an adult palette in mind.

Robinsons have nailed the new drinks with precision that I’ve come to expect from them every time.

They had launch party last week called Cordially Invited and guess who was invited? ME!! I never really get invited to these things, mingling with celebs and drinking mocktails to my heart’s content whilst the delicious canapés floated around the room. It was such a treat and I really wanted to share with you the vibe of the whole evening so I created a little video which you can see below!

So what happened then? Well, we were treated to a gorgeous set up in the super stylish Hello Love Studio in London, and an opportunity to learn more about what goes in the drinks and to sample every different flavour made into mocktails by their very own mixologist. Despite the mixologists banging out some seriously delicious drinks (which I will share with you in a moment) for my blogging companion Vicky from Honest Mum who I had a real giggle with all night and myself, I have to say they were nowhere near as fabulous as the squash sommeliers! You might have seen the TV advert for Robinsons Fruit Creations with the little girl who tells all the adults to try out the new squash, but if you haven’t you need to keep an eye open as these kiddos were there and able to tell us all about how yummy these drinks were and how much we would enjoy them! As if the fab event and drink isn’t enough to make you want to grab a bottle of Robinsons squash for grown-ups, then remember the fact that I came home and in the morning? No headache, no sluggishness and absolutely nothing but a fab feeling that I had guzzled a tonne of water the night before without even realising it.

Thinking along those lines, it’s really important to drink water as much as possible, something I’m terrible at doing, but with Robinsons squashes I don’t forget because it feels like a constant treat. I thought I would share with you a few of the ways I learnt to serve my favourite of the squashes and cordials (which are slightly more syrupy and equally delectable) so you can replicate it at home!

Robinsons Fruit Creations flavours listed below (along with the best way to serve them)

  • ·    Zesty Orange & Mango – perfect with a slice of orange over ice!
  • ·    Juicy Pear & Blueberry – Serve as is with ice.
  • ·    Juicy Orange, Mandarin & Lime – super fresh and tasty with a slice of lime over ice.
  • ·    Exotic Pineapple, Mango & Passionfruit – I love the idea of making this really fancy for a dinner party and adding in a slice of passionfruit on the glass and iced. YUM!
  • ·    Delicious Peach & Raspberry – one of my faves, add a couple of raspberries for a flourish over ice.
  • ·    Luscious Strawberry & Kiwi with Barley – icy cold and a strawberry on the side.
  • ·    Rich Pear, Blackcurrant & Cherry with Barley – I think this would be the ultimate punch bowl with pears, blackcurrants and cherries in the bowl and lots of ice. A lovely alcohol-free summer delight.
  • ·    Juicy Cranberry & Raspberry with Barley – crush some raspberries and serve with ice.
  • ·    Crisp Apple & Elderflower with Barley – mint, all the mint. All over ice – it tasted amazing and was the perfectly fresh twist to my favourite of the Fruit Creations range.

Robinson Fruit Cordial

  • ·    Pressed Pear & Elderflower – I didn’t think I’d like this one but it was lush. Add some mint for a twist.
  • ·    Crushed Lime & Mint – So refreshing – I would drink this at my desk in summer with a slice of lime and a sprig of mint.
  • ·    Raspberry, Rhubarb & Orange Blossom – another one you can go fancy with, add an edible flower as a nod to the orange blossom hint and a slice of orange for a very pretty mocktail.

So that’s it! I hope you try them all and love them as much as I do!

H 🙂 x




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