Stress Awareness Month with Jenni from Odd socks

It’s Stress Awareness month! If you haven’t seen my post here about Stress Awareness month and the stress awareness takeover, then go and check it out so that you can see what is going on! 

I’m Jenni and I blog over at Odd Socks and Lollipops. On my blog I share my thoughts about parenting, living with a chronic illness and books, I love the talk about books. I have fibromyalgia and joint hypermobility syndrome along with a long history of anxiety.  I am planning on starting a Masters in Creative Writing later this year. And when I am not looking after my daughter or blogging I love to read and take endless photos of books and spend hours on Bookstagram.





 1.)     Do you suffer with stress frequently or occasionally?

Yes, I find that I suffer with stress most of the time, I think it’s something which is tied up with my anxiety.

2.)     What sort of things cause you stress?.

To be honest everything seems to cause stress at times. But parenting, work, money, family, and my health issues are the main issues for me.

3.)     Does anything in particular make stress worse for you? 

I think that lack of understanding is a big issue for me, along with unrealistic goals which I set for myself in terms of my health issues. I sometimes forget that the ‘me’ that I am now has a lot of limitations that the ‘healthy me’ didn’t have…. I still try to do all of the same things as I used to be able to do and when I fall short that causes me a lot of stress and guilt.

4.)     Does stress have an impact on your physical health?

Yes, I find that I eat so much junk food when I am feeling stressed, it’s like my reward for getting through a stressful day/time but in the long run it doesn’t help. It makes things worse. I also find that it has a real impact on my sleep which in turn makes everything else worse.

5.)     What do you do to alleviate stress?

I read, I find helps me a lot, it’s a great form of relaxation (and a bit of escapism).  I try to practice mindfulness (I am not very good at it, but I keep persevering) and getting outside and going for a walk, on my better days, health-wise,  also helps.

6.)     Do you think more needs to be done to raise awareness of what causes stress and the impact it has on us and those around us? If yes, what would you do or like to see done?

Yes, I think that we are all so plugged in to everything nowadays that it’s really difficult to switch off from modern life and its demands. We are always available on our phones, via email etc. A lot of people don’t go home and switch off for the weekend. I think that stress is something that everyone should be aware of, and more awareness should be raised about its causes and it’s impact . I am not sure what would be the best way to do that, maybe more general awareness and understanding from employers etc.

7.)     Do you have any tips for anyone dealing with stress?

I honestly find that sitting quietly and reading one of my favourite books really helps me. I can switch off completely and because it’s a familiar book there is no pressure to read on, or find out the ending.

I also find that being outside, in nature really helps. Even if it’s just sitting in the garden for a few minutes and doing nothing else, that little break really helps.

Thanks Jenni! If you want to see more about stress awareness then please search ‘stress awareness’ to read all the posts throughout April.

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