Stress Awareness Month with Becky Goddard-Hill

It’s Stress Awareness month! If you haven’t seen my post here about Stress Awareness month and the stress awareness takeover, then go and check it out so that you can see what is going on! 

Hi I am Becky Goddard-Hill serial blogger and mum to two gorgeous kids. I have 7 blogs and I am currently writing a book on Happiness for Harper Collins (which will be published in autumn this year) I am one busy lady!

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1.)     Do you suffer with stress frequently or occasionally? 

Yes, but only when life is particularly busy/challenging not generally if things are moving along okay

2.)     What sort of things cause you stress?

Being around highly strung people makes me very stressed as does trying to do to many things at once,

3.)     Does anything in particular make stress worse for you?

Lack of sleep hugely affect s my ability to cope with stress.

4.)     Does stress have an impact on your physical health?

Yes I eat much more rubbish and I tend to get back ache too, probably form the tension in my body

5.)     What do you do to alleviate stress?  

Talk and walk – I have to talk over my problems with people who love me and walking it out has always helped me. I think it’s the fres h air/light/exercise

6.)     Do you think more needs to be done to raise awareness of what causes stress and the impact it has on us and those around us? If yes, what would you do or like to see done?

I think stress management should be taught in schools (though perhaps called something more fun)  and I think we should talk about it more in a resolution rather than a moany kind of way

7.)     Do you have any tips for anyone dealing with stress?

Do not ignore it and tray it as you would a physical health issue. That means address the problems, find remedies, and take care of yourself till it’s better,  and seek to find ways to minimise the likelihood of it re-occurring

If you want to see more about stress awareness then please search ‘stress awareness’ to read all the posts throughout April.


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