Statement earrings & my obsession

Can we talk about the current trend of absolutely feckin HUGE earrings? I’m sorry but hello, is it me you’re looking for? I think yes. I truly do.

I’ve always loved earrings, but I tend to go in fits and starts as to whether or not I wear any – I have quite a few cool ones from last year but they aren’t BIG so I thought that I would curate somewhat of a lust list, a bit of earring smut if you will. Forget the fact that if you have a child under the age of 2 they will be ripped from your lobes like a ripe fruit from a tree. Forget that you will probably find half of your earlobe on the floor after your 5 year old has jumped on your back and ignore that they are almost 100% certain to become the ULTIMATE in nerf gun target practice.

Who cares? They are big. They are AMAZING and they are here to say hit me summer one more time.

  1. Large Earrings £12.99 from H&M

GTFO. Simply called “large earrings” these feel like Carmen Miranda made a set of earrings and bish they are B-E-A-UUUUUU-Tiful. Get in my shopping bag you glorious things.

2. Star Yellow/pink/red layered tassel earrings £38 from Blessed London

I’m not going to bullshit you, I would normally look at these and be like “hell no I won’t pay that much for earrings!” but in this instance I will and I can tell you why: Blessed London is the jewellery brand that gives back. A WHOPPING 7% of all online sales go to Caudwell Charity and you just won’t get that as standard from a highstreet brand. You get something FIIIIIINE and a charity gets something that could genuinely make a huge difference. I know.

3. Beaded Floral Earrings £12.99 from Zara

Sweet baby jesus. I know I’m not in marketing for one very important reason: the minds at Zara choose to call these Beaded Floral earrings, an understated and efficient name. Like an excitable tween with a Smash! Mag, I would squeal and announce that these are to be known as the Fucking Fabulous Floral Fancies. This is why I stay in my blogging lane people. These are also, in my bag.

4. Green Nerine Smooth Drop Earrings £16 from Oliver Bonas

Sleek, understated style in the form of a whopping green dangle. I am living for these big styles and this one feels more day to night than the others to me. LOVE.

5. Faux Pearl Embellished Chandelier Earrings £58 from Anthropologie  

These are, in my humble, a touch on the extortionate side but lord they are so pretty. I can see a classic shirt and tailored trouser combo with these – which I never really wear because the kids snot all over me but STILL. I can see it.

And those are my faves – statement earrings that make me drool, that I can now wear now that I don’t have a baby to tug on them! Woop!

H 🙂

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