School shoes :: The bane of my life!

School shoes. The bane of my life.

I have three very different children when it comes to shoes – I have a “heavy on the shoes in general” monster who can demolish a pair of shoes in a matter of weeks, a “narrow foot but clumsy and scruffs everything” middle child and a “super dainty foot but walks on the inside of her foot” little girl who really can’t even fit into high street shoes. I think for Edith the shoes aren’t really an issue as she is still growing and can spent a lot of her time barefoot or in soft sole shoes, but the boys – well they are both at school now and they really need good quality, supportive shoes, otherwise I will be setting them up for a life of ailments!

So, school shoes. Like I said, they are a pain.

With Reuben, I struggle to find anything that he doesn’t break in a matter of weeks. He can’t wear oat shoes at all as he manages to break the stitching, no matter the brand or price, and he also pulls the side stitching on most shoes but not his last pair. In fact, Roo will be going back to school in his shoes from last term (that still fit him – I’m not that mean) as he wore them for the last 2 months of term and hasn’t broken them. Trust me guys, this is an achievement. Reuben’s shoes are by Deichmann (you can find his exact pair here ) and what I really like is that they are soft, high quality leather but with a lower price than anywhere else I could find with the same quality. I’m a realist, so whilst these have lasted really well so far, Roo will no doubt eventually break them down, but I think that the price means I’m not going to cry if he needs 2-3 pairs of shoes a year (the record set last year was 6 pairs. Yeah. SIX.)

The other thing that really impressed me about Deichmann is that they are available for buy one get one half price – do you know how important that is for a mama with two little boys at school who is used to paying upwards of £80 for their shoes?

Toby’s shoes are my favourite. I LOVE that smart, sleek style but Reuben’s feet are just too wide. Honestly, they are like boats! With Toby having narrower feet and being gentler on shoes than Roo, I ordered these for him.

I love the way that these shoes are smart enough that they could be used for a special occasion, but not so smart that they aren’t functional. School shoes, if nothing else, have to be functional!

You can check out this video here to see a bit more about the shoes and what I really love!

What kind of shoe wearer do you have?

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  1. September 5, 2017 / 1:21 pm

    I’m really not looking forward to when my daughter is old enough to start school… I’m lucky at the moment because there’s no uniform to worry about, no school run to deal with… Haha

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