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Last week a friend of mine asked how we manage with school and taking the children abroad/out of school so frequently and one of the things that I mentioned is that I would really like to look into a tutor for the boys as they get older. We do a lot of home based learning – the boys can tell you a lot about a lot of things that aren’t on the curriculum, they have had experiences that lots of children haven’t and wouldn’t find in a school classroom and they are constantly learning whilst they are on trips, from visiting Stonehenge to counting the fish in Portugal’s Oceanarium.

Before Adam left work I mentioned that I really struggled with Reuben and getting him to do his homework. He was so against doing homework and by the time I had waded through the temper tantrum and managed to sit him at the dining room table ready to work, his sister would break something or Toby would shout for his bum to be cleaned. That would I’ve Reuben the chance to rekindle his temper tantrum and it would be a cause of an argument between Adam and I because he would just be having his post-work shower and chill time. I never got that?!

Anyway, I digress.

It got better over time, Reuben would get used to doing his reading in the car on the way home but I have noticed that he has come on in leaps and bounds since his Dad left work and he has an adult dedicated to him every evening. It’s made a world of difference – which only affirms to me that as the boys get older and we noticed that they are perhaps falling behind in curriculum maths or something (don’t start me on the current curriculum- we’d homeschool if either of us had the patience) that we can’t help them with, we will turn once again to

I’ve pointed out to friends that offers a seamless search engine style platform for childminders, after school care, private tutors, babysitters, nannies and au pairs. You name the type of childcare that you need and you are guaranteed to find someone on I honk this is what sets the site, which is surprisingly easy to use considering the diverse range of childcare and education providers. Whether you are trying to search for someone who can help you win at something niche, a mandarin speaking nanny perhaps, or a maths SAT tutor, this is the place to find them.

I wrote about the site last summer and I mentioned then that we hadn’t used the site for childcare because we hadn’t needed to, but so many friends have since told me that they have used the site and found it brilliant for their summer holiday needs when they can’t have any more time off work and Grandparents/Friends aren’t about.

Whatever your needs, be they like ours and looking for education based support or more traditional childcare requirements, you are guaranteed to find it on

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