Celebrating Motherhood with Links of London

As most of you know, my mum and I have a really close relationship. My mum lives with Adam and I, we’re currently in the process of building an annex to five is all a little bit more space, especially with the children growing and getting more and more… feral everyday. Adam’s mum also lives really close by in a beautiful rural village where her and “Pops” have chickens for the children, a greenhouse filled with their own veggies and a shed where the kids often talk about chopping up wood and making things just like I remember doing with my grandad when I was little.
Both my mum and Adam’s mum have a really important part to play in our lives and the lives of our children. They are our mums, they support us and care for us, something that I think you can only really begin to understand fully when you become a mother yourself. The bonds that these very special women have with our children are fundamental in cementing the bonds that we have we them as adults.

One of my favourite things is to watch our mums with our children. Obviously I get to see this every day with my mum, every evening when Edith asks her to plait her hair or rub her feet (minx) and when we visit my in laws, I love nothing more than to sit back and watch the way they converge around my mother in law, following her from room to room, learning and giggling. It’s beautiful, it’s heart melting and I wouldn’t change it for the world. Both mums are typical feeders, sneaking the grandkids sweets and treats when they think we aren’t looking and their ability to read stories and never tire of playing Sylvanians or Dinosaurs are remarkable.

Mother’s Day is a time to celebrate these special bonds, bonds that we so often take for granted. This year I love idea of celebrating our mother’s with a personalised gift. Something unique and made just for them with a message from us, and because I think that the bond our mother’s share with our children is something so very special and I’ve never been a fan of the children giving gifts to Grandmas on Mother’s day, I wanted to incorporate them somehow to show that I love that bond.

Links of London offer a beautiful engraving service with stunning jewellery that is perfect for Mother’s day and all occasions. Their Narrative range is beautiful and allows you to engrave necklaces and pendants with a special message for your loved ones. I chose to have the children’s names engraved on a bracelet for the special mothers in our lives, because I wanted to show them how much I value their love for our children and give them a reminder that our children adore them just as much as we do.

Mother’s Day isn’t just about biological mothers either – I said it last week and I will say it again, Mother’s day is about celebrating the matriarchs in our families, be they the aunt that raised you, the sister or perhaps a special friend of the family who took you under their wing. Family isn’t always blood, it is often chosen and imperfectly perfect. An engraved gift gives you the chance to share that message in a deep and meaningful way, with your own words and not just a Hallmark token.

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  1. March 11, 2018 / 6:21 pm

    Gorgeous picture! I couldn’t agree more – Mother’s Day was so close to International Women’s Day this year it really made me appreciate not just my Mum but also all the women that support me every day!

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