Dewrinkle & Freshen with Philips Steam & Go Plus

How many of us have woken up to the realisation that our alarms went off around a time ago, the snooze button was given an ungracious slap and the land of nod slowly slipped back into? I do it frequently after a bad night with the kids, it’s a common occurrence for me to be scrabbling around on a morning – unless I have a train to catch, in which case I am so paranoid I will miss the train I wake up insanely early – and then the realisation that I dumped my ever present laundry pile next to the bed without hanging up my dresses to avoid creases or I wore the outfit I want to wear today yesterday for an hour or two and it needs a freshen up.

Everyone has a series of tricks in their repertoire don’t they? Ways that they de-wrinkle and freshen their clothes. How many times have we had the realisation that the children haven’t got any clean t-shirts for school after a manic week and the ones in the basket will “have to do?” You febreeze them, hang them in the steamy shower room, a friend of mine even uses her hair straighteners to try and decrease the collars on her boy’s shirts when she’s in a rush. All these life hacks… do they work? I’m leaning towards a big fat no…

Freshening up your clothes when you need to or de-wrinkling on the run really shouldn’t be such a hassle and I am pleased to announce that it isn’t a hassle in Casa De La Shearsmith anymore thanks to the brilliant Steam & Go Plus by Philips.

The steamer has completely changed the way that this morning hating mama does things, it’s fast, really easy to use and effective – three things that I am 100% not on a morning. It works better on my dresses to freshen them up or just de-wrinkle than febreeze or a steamy shower ever could, and I’m loving the fact that their steam technology allows the hot plate to touch the clothes with a guarantee of no burns (something that delights everyone in the house as I have been know to burn clothes with my iron before…)

It isn’t just me that is enthralled with our new steamer. Have I ever told you about Adam’s collection of Hull City football memorabilia? Well yeah, it’s a thing in this house. Please take a moment to feel my joy…

Anyway, it’s a passion of Adam’s to collect Hull City football memorabilia and one of the things that he collects the most and is the most passionate about are signed, match worn and retro football shirts. His collection is pretty impressive, impressive and worth a small fortune to be honest. Ironing the shirts is out of the question, washing them a crime that is so unthinkable it makes his eyes water… but frankly, some of them stink. They are musty, match worn – to clarify this means that sweaty sports people have spent up to 90 minutes running about in them – and then they are popped into a wardrobe to sit and be occasionally cooed over. They’ve even been part of a display for Hull during the city of culture celebrations, something Adam was delighted to be a part of, and something that he fretted over because the shirts weren’t as fresh as he wanted them to be. Another of Adam’s friend’s also collects these shirts and displayed them at the city of culture exhibition, and he swears by his steamer to freshen and clean his shirts, de-wrinkling in a gentle and effective way.

With Philips Steam & Go Plus, the steamer removes the bacteria living in the fabric, refreshing them whilst de-wrinkling and freshening the smell. The steamer is compact and lightweight which made it perfect for travelling with his shirts or taking away with me to a hotel overnight when I have work to do the following day. It even comes with a safety mitt so you won’t burn your hand on the steam AND a heat safe pouch to pop it in your suitcase. You can find out more about the steamer here and you can even grab yourself a 30% discount on anything in the Philips shop using the code: STEAM2. Go!

What are your hacks and do you think any of them really work?
H 🙂


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  1. July 10, 2018 / 12:55 pm

    Literally just had the biggest argument with my other half about his lack of ironed work shirts (oops) – could definitely have done with one of these this morning!

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