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We have become a grumpy lot haven’t we? I know 2016 wasn’t exactly the dogs bollocks, it was a dire year for many, politically and socially, but I really can’t help but feel that the world in general is sliding into an apathy like none we’ve known before.

A few weeks ago I wrote a… Continue reading


I have never really been one to shop with kids, I mean, who wants to do that? If you could write a list of things that I DON’T want to do, shopping with a rough and tumble 5 year old, slightly unhinged 4 year old and plain grumpy 1 year old is pretty high up.… Continue reading


When Reuben was a toddler, I was the mum with the kid that pushed, hit and ran into other kids. I was the mum who felt inept and like I just couldn’t control my beast of a child who was running around like a feral animal, much to the distaste of the other mums around… Continue reading

The last couple of weeks have been pretty manic. As a “digital influencer”, “social media influencer”, “digital advertiser”, “blogger kind of person” – whatever you want to call me – this time of year gets kind of manic. Everyone wants to advertise their products, I want to help my readers out with awesome gift ideas… Continue reading

dearest husband

Dearest Husband,

I love you, more than I have ever loved another man… but if you grope my boobs one more time tonight, I’m going to give you that vasectomy you’ve supposedly been planning for the last 18months.

Here’s the thing, I’ve never really believed in the phrase “all touched out”, I mean, I’m a… Continue reading


What a wazzock I am.

This morning I took Reuben to the doctors because he’s had a couple of mole-like spots come up on his neck and has scratched one off his chest, making it look very sore and almost like eczema. So, onwards to the doctors to check that it isn’t anything to be… Continue reading


I think with all parents there is an element of control freakery, it’s in built. Ultimately parenting boils down to you being responsible for another life. It’s your job to keep that human alive, come hell or high water, you are exclusively responsible for raising them to a point where they can look after themselves… Continue reading

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