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Toby is my middle child, my sweet just-turned-4 year old who still refers to himself as “Mummy’s baby”… and he’s going to school in a little less than 2 months.

I’ve mentioned before that the school I send the boys to is a forest school and offers a “pre-reception”. Pre reception takes the children from… Continue reading

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“I decided to go freelance so that I could be with my family more, not so they could watch me stare at a fucking laptop all day Adam! I feel like I’ve really cocked up”.

Pretty much a weekly phrase in casa de la Shearsmith. Working mum guilt GETS me.

In my past life… Continue reading

I have often talked over the years about how parenting surprises me, how it is never really what you expect or what you thought it would be when you were a sour teen judging your own parents. Now, more than ever, I suppose you judge your own parents but with fresh eyes – more often… Continue reading

While I am in no way, shape or form a baking queen, I do rather enjoy dabbling in the kitchen – especially with the kids. Or that is, I used to love it. Since becoming a mama of three I feel like I’ve done it less and less, and as the boys have started going… Continue reading



I have always loved Disney, and with that the Disney princesses. I grew up wanting to be Ariel (the fish tail eventually put an end to that fantasy) or Belle, no pretty blonde girls though, thanks, I wanted one that reflected my inner spirit.

That’s a really big part in why I LOVE Disney’s new… Continue reading


It’s tough being a woman, your automatically entered into what feels like some kind of shit lottery when you have a vagina. Every day there is some way you are judged, some way that you are told you fall short of the requirements, some way in which your male counterparts haven’t even contemplated. It covers… Continue reading


Flexible working hours.

Rarely does a phrase invoke the same reaction as this does in most parents, it’s often enough to send us into a frenzy, fan girling over the proposed hours like a teenage girl at a Bieber concert. Unlike Biebs super exciting concerts, flexible working hours aren’t available by the thousands and your… Continue reading

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We’ve had Yoda for a couple of months now, and it’s become a daily thing to take him out for a walk. When we were searching for a breed to give a home to, I was determined to buy a dog that wanted to go out on nice long walks and could keep up… Continue reading

Teaching kids about honesty :: Is it all a big lie?

“Reuben, what is this?” I bark at the boy as I find yet another piece of one of his supposedly prized transformers broken on the floor, pushed to the side where he has clearly left it in his destructive wake.

“Um… Well… It’s a piece of my broken Ultra Magnus mummy… I didn’t want to… Continue reading

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