5 Annoying things your partner does now you’re parents

Last week I asked my fabulous IG community what they thought was THE most annoying thing your partner does after you’ve had a baby. There were A LOT of things (turns out we’re all pretty aggressive post sprogs) and some of them just kept on popping up. We had everything from breath (savage) to offering up too much chocolate after you’ve said no more! It was a real mixed bag with some of the responses making me want to curl my toes, to other’s not being an issue to me at all.

I went through everything and eventually managed to round up what came up the most often to reveal the top 5 things that partners (both genders, let’s not put our sexist socks on… although in our house these are all totally Adam-isms and I don’t do any of these at all. Ever. Honest.) do that annoys the shizzle out of you.

5. Listening to parents over you.

THIS would drive me insane and I can’t believe more people didn’t say it!! We’ve all heard of it or seen it happen, “But my mum says if you put baby powder on his bum it keeps him dry!” Yep, well, here are all the sh**s I give about what you’re mum thinks we should do with our baby, buddy.

4. Saying yes when you’ve said no.

Ohhhh the rows we have about this! It’s something that I think all parents are caught out by at some point or another. I’ve made this mistake so many times with Reuben’s toys going outside when Adam’s said no and he does it almost daily with sweets and chocolate… worst thing is, kids frequently notice that if they ask you in one room and get the answer they don’t want, they can ask their dad in the other room and have a second chance. It’s a parental nightmare and it made the list!

3. Passing over the nappy duties

This is something that I’ve fallen out with Adam over too, though I have to admit he really isn’t bad for it and would never leave any of the kids in a dirty nappy, but if I’m about, a subtle retreat from the room makes life easier! No one likes dirty nappies, but nothing is worse than being called into a room and told “I won’t be a second, by the way the baby’s pooped!” with a quick dash out the door!

2. Tickling just before bed time.

I could lynch my husband every time he does this and he does it every day! It’s one of the most frustrating things, and it seems to be a dad thing, perhaps because i’s still more common that dads work and aren’t at home as much as mums? Either way operation excite the kids is second in the most annoying things your partner does after a baby, second only to…


I was really surprised by this, but it was because it annoys people for so many reasons! It annoys us when our partner is blissfully sleeping and we’ve been up and down with a baby all night, that blissful snoring is enough to make us want to get all Broadchurch psycho, but there is also the snoring that keeps us awake and, in the early days when baby shares the bedroom, keeps the baby awake, or worse, wakes them up. I thought so many of the other things would be classed as more annoying but this was the top and it was why I wanted to write this post because it’s probably the only one out of the whole list that we do without meaning to and can’t help unless we use something like MUTE. Apparently, and I refuse to confirm the legitimacy of this, I am the snorer in our house. There has been many an evening when Adam has put one of the boys back in bed and I’m basically making a one woman symphony with my snout. Other times Adam has been snoring gently whilst I’m back and forth to Edith’s room! Despite the many, many ways in which my followers suggested we could all deal with snoring, there weren’t many that were legal, so I thought I’d share my YouTube ramble about MUTE and how they help to open your airways, stop snoring in it’s tracks and help you breath more! It’s here:

SO, what is the most annoying thing your partner does now you have kids?

H 🙂

* This is a collaborative post with Mute, but the research came from Instagram stories on 23/4/17 🙂


  1. April 29, 2018 / 6:34 am

    Oh God THE SNORING!!! Aaaaargh!!!!

    The saying yes when the other has said no is a big one in this house and have to admit, I’m the most guilty of it!! I catch myself and then think ‘ooooh I’ve completely undermined David as a parent!’ and feel really bad. ? I’m getting better! I think because he works away all the time, I’m so used to being in charge that I find it hard to let go so I need to work on that!

    But yeah the winding up before bed is another in our house. “It’s all going to end in tears!”??

  2. May 2, 2017 / 3:26 pm

    Oh man I agree with the, ‘Passing over the nappy duties.’ When my niece is over my sister will do that to me, she’ll pass me the baby and then tell me her nappy needs changing! The cheek of some people, hehe.

  3. Ali Rost
    April 27, 2017 / 7:22 pm

    When our kids were little I remember how frustrating it was when my husband told the kids “yes” when I had already “no.” To his credit .. he didn’t realize I’d said “no.” Those stinkers were too smart for their own good. Once we got on the same page .. it was far easier and eventually the stopped going to the other when they heard an answer they didn’t like

  4. April 27, 2017 / 7:18 pm

    The snoring thing is HUGE luckily in our house, where I am the snorer, my wife is the heavy sleeper! She can literally sleep through anything.

    My snoring has got better though due to living in the country, made a huge difference to my breathing.

    The MUTE sounds great for my sister in law though however I fear it would be a little insulting to buy it for her…or even suggest it… hmm! Great post… 🙂

  5. April 27, 2017 / 3:58 pm

    This post made me smile! So many things change but I’d say snoring has got to be the most annoying!

  6. April 27, 2017 / 3:52 pm

    I can easily imagine these things annoying me if we were parents and I had to deal with them, especially saying yes when you’ve said no. Snoring is not exclusive to parents though and it really can be so annoying. Mute looks like a great product to help reduce that issue!

  7. April 27, 2017 / 2:32 pm

    Papa Ginge’s snoring drives me loco! I’m going to look up this Mute!

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