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Christmas is just around the corner and we’re all sorted, wrapped and ready to rock, yes? How many of you shook your heads with a somewhat bemused expression and slight nervous twitch after trying to write too many Christmas card’s for the school kids whose names you can’t spell? I’ll bet a fair few of you.

Yesterday I was chatting to my mum whilst Edith clambered over me and we tried to make some “homemade Xmas hamper gifts” that you just know the grandparents will love… and promptly relegate to the back of the tree, only to be wangled back round when you arrive the following year. We were talking about Christmas and how organised or not we are. In fairness this year I’m not doing too badly (she says as she finds a piece of sellotape that could have been there for anything up to a week in her hair). I’ve got the Christmas cards to write and the majority of the present wrapping to do but I think I’m mostly sorted… until I suddenly remember that one person that I had forgotten or that one dead awkward sod that I haven’t been able to buy for yet because they have everything or they are just so AWKWARD. Mum isn’t doing too badly either, it’s just Reuben that she hasn’t sorted out, he’s got so so much and he asks for really quite specific toys, usually ones that are hella expensive and super hard to find!

I’m working with Very and Voucher cloud at the moment to offer my readers a discount on those last minute items that I just know they have forgotten or those big Xmas gifts they have been saving up for (like the Nintendo Switch the big kid and little kid in the picture are squabbling over). You can save £10 on every first order over £40 using the code T&R10, which means that you could get a personalised wine glass for your friend at work for free when you buy a Lego City Jungle set. Or how about that Nintendo game your child has been pleading for that costs a whopping £50? Why not grab a bath set for mum or a chocolate tool kit for dad for FREE whilst your at it? It’s not just that free £10 on stocking filler items either, there are so many items at the moment that are on offer – like this beautiful hearts bracelet which is reduced. You really can’t beat a PRE-Christmas sale, especially if you are a bargain lover or have a bajillion nieces and nephews, cats, dogs, kids, granparents, parents etc to buy for.

Very have a fab range of gifts, but it’s not just gifts either. I remember leaving it until the very last minute to get a dress for the office party when I worked at Mothercare, I was always so busy and if I didn’t get the chance to grab a few hours to go to the shops, I would make my way online and invariably end up at somewhere like Very. You might have seen the Very Xmas adverts? Sparkly dresses, elegant playsuits and accessories that would make Beyoncé flustered.

If you aren’t quite sorted yet, you aren’t quite decided on an outfit for the Christmas party, then Very and Vouchercloud have got your back. You have until 24th to use T&R10 for your £10 off!

H x

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